6 lessons I’ve learned in 6 years of travelling

In September 2012 I left Germany without knowing that it would turn into so many years of travelling full-time and that my outer journey would contribute to my inner journey as well. Here I want to share some important lessons I’ve gained along the way, what life is about or what I’ve learned about life so far.

1. Life is about growing and evolving as a human being

The path of personal growth is not about changing myself or becoming someone. It’s more like peeling back the layers and discovering who I truly am at the core of my being. It’s a route to self-discovery where I learn to appreciate my gifts, strengths and passions, and start to use them. And where I get to know my flaws and weaknesses as well, and shine anyway. I am enough. I accept myself as I am. Life is about healing my wounds from the past, learning my lessons, and evolving and growing as a human. I practice and learn to love myself unconditionally every single day until love is all there is.

2. We are here to serve and contribute

Life is not about how much money I have, how many possessions I call my own or having shallow values. It’s about having deep connections with other human beings and accepting them as they are. But I don’t try to convince other people to begin their spiritual journey too. I just shine my light. The ones who are ready will see it and get attracted by it.

To me a fulfilled and meaningful life means to assist and empower others on their journey of self-discovery, healing, and personal growth by using and sharing my gifts, insights, and lessons learned. I’m committed to serving and contributing. We can make this world a better place by promoting love, peace, and oneness, and not fear and separation.

3. My outer world is a reflection of my inner world

In other words: my work, my business, my relationships, all my actions and interactions are a reflection of my personal growth and the evolution of my soul. I am the creator of my own reality and everything is a mirror of that inner state.

Healing is the key for spiritual growth. I’m taking responsibility for my healing. I do the inner work by facing my fears and limiting beliefs, and by releasing the past and stuck emotions. We can’t change the past, but we can change how we see it or react to it, as victims or as warriors who recognise the lessons and their story.

During that process, I left people, places and habits behind that didn’t match my vibrational frequency anymore and weren’t in alignment with my true self. It has been a cleansing process on all levels.

Realising that life happens for me and not to me and that to own my story is important for my healing was the much needed shift of perception that led me on the path of self-discovery. It was the kick-start of my inner and outer journey and the biggest lesson I’d learned so far. I wrote about it in another post already. Read it here.

4. By doing things that light me up, I light up the world around me too

It’s about following my passions and doing things that make my heart sing. I love spending time in nature, being creative, reading books by spiritual teachers, learning about healing techniques, exploring new places, and watching sunsets. The list goes on. By doing things that light me up, my soul starts shining through and my purpose reveals itself in that process.

I want to be honest with myself, live my truest version and not one that only fulfils the expectations of others or the society. By pursuing my passions I’m able to create a meaningful life and business that is aligned with my soul and connected to my heart. It’s a conscious decision to do what lights me up. And I will light up the world around me too.

“Our Soul Purpose is to shine this unique light in a way that only we can. In doing so, we spark something in another and inspire them to do the same.”

Rebecca Campbell

5. Travelling alone and long-term is liberating and empowering

Travelling alone and long-term has been the best personal development course for me. Managing everything by myself was a boost for my self-confidence. I’ve left my comfort zone so many times, I’ve lost count. I had to be brave and courageous over and over again. The unknown is not scary anymore. I’m not afraid to face challenges, embrace change, and accept every moment as it is. That’s how I can overcome my fears of failure or not being good enough, and learn to feel all my emotions as they arise and not repress them. It’s empowering.

By travelling alone I have the freedom to truly listen to my needs. What do I long for? What feels right and what not? And act accordingly. I feel comfortable being on my own now. Sitting just by myself in a restaurant doesn’t bother me. I enjoy my own company and I embrace alone time. In solitude there is healing. It’s liberating.

By travelling long-term I developed trust in life and in my intuition. I found appreciation for the little things in life and I fell in love with minimalism too. Less is more.

6. Taking care of my energy is crucial for my well-being

As an empath and highly sensitive person it was important for me to learn to say ‘no’ and set boundaries to protect my own energy. It took me a long time to accept this lesson, because I wanted to be kind and not selfish until I realised that it was not egoistic to practice self-care and put myself first. How can I serve others when I’m low on energy?

Finally I fell in love with taking care of myself because I could see the difference in my daily life. Having a self-care routine is crucial for my well-being. That’s how I’m able to show up as the best version of myself and fulfil my purpose. Read more about my self-care tools here.

I have come a long way and I’m proud of that. I embrace life and its challenges, experiences, painful and joyful moments. I trust life. Life is about taking leaps of faith. And more lessons and insights are yet to come.


Ines Kirste


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