Being a Reiki teacher or what are attunements all about

I’ve just finished teaching a Reiki Level III course and that brought to mind my first training. My very first student has been my mum. How cool is that?!

Almost two years ago I had come to Germany to visit my family – at the time I had been living in Southeast Asia -when my mum approached me with her wish to learn Reiki.

I was amazed at this idea. I had heard of other people who had embarked on a spiritual journey and had started pursuing a career in holistic health that their families weren’t really supportive or interested in the path they had chosen.

And here I was, preparing my first Reiki course, not for some student I had just met but for my mum. Of course I have been nervous. As a Reiki teacher you hold space for your students and offer a safe place for their evolvement, because this path asks for embracing vulnerability and surrendering to what is. Miracles can happen.

I was not only happy to share my knowledge and insights but also deeply moved seeing that someone was so eager to learn all about Reiki healing, opened up to the unknown, and showed so much trust towards me. You should know that my mum is almost 70. What an inspiration!

During my Reiki master teacher training I practised attunements on people who were initiated into Reiki already. So my first real attunement was something special to me and to share it with my mum made it even more special.

I can hear you asking: “What the hell is an attunement?”

It’s a ritual by which a Reiki teacher shares with a student the ability to practice Reiki. Simply put to initiate a student into Reiki and activate him or her as a channel for healing energy. By passing Reiki from teacher to student this practice is kept alive.

Receiving a Reiki attunement can be a powerful spiritual experience, as your energetic pathways are opened and your innate powers as a healer are awakened. Your initiation is not only a part of the process of reconnection to spirit but also a beginning of a new or renewed walk down the path of life.

Please don’t be disappointed that I don’t share with you the details of this ceremony. It’s a sacred ritual that will be revealed to you in the teacher course.

The initiation ceremony is an important step for a student. You switch sides from receiving Reiki treatments as a client to being able to practise Reiki on yourself and others. But first of all it means moving forward on the path of self-healing, self-discovery and inner growth, and reconnecting with your inner light. Reiki is meant to be a method for healing oneself first before healing others.

The beautiful thing about Reiki training is that it is not one way. I learn from my students as well. We learn from each other because we all have a teacher within. We only have to set them free. As we continue to walk our spiritual path we will follow our inner teacher more confidently and listen to the wisdom of our souls. A Reiki course is only the beginning.

I bow before all people who have the COURAGE to face their past wounds and limiting beliefs and ALLOW themselves to be open to the possibility of being healed. Releasing the past and retraining the mind to use it in the right way is the key for leaving the illusion behind and being able to live our truth.

As a Reiki master teacher I hold space for my students. Holding space to me means being fully present and unleashing the power of now so that healing is possible. I am so grateful that with my work I am able to accompany and assist other beautiful souls on their healing path to more joy and inner peace. My mum is living proof that it is never too late to start.

“Peace is an attribute in you. You cannot find it outside. Illness is some form of external searching. Health is inner peace.”

From ‘A Course in Miracles’

Ines Kirste

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