How to change unhealthy habits

We tend to distract ourselves from our inner pain by indulging in unhealthy habits like

~ watching too much TV, Netflix etc.,

~ spending too much time on social media,

~ eating non-nourishing food,

~ drinking too much alcohol,

~ buying too much stuff we don’t need,

~ staying busy even in our free time just to avoid pausing,

~ …

~ …

Fill in the blanks with your favourite type of distraction.

We would jump right into this healing space of pausing, going within, and having healthy habits, if we could know or sense this feeling of being content with our life and ourselves.

It awaits us on the other side. It doesn’t mean it will be easy but it will be worth it.

With all these distractions we lower our own vibration and it’s a downward spiral. When you are in the middle of it, it’s really hard to get out of this phase. But it’s possible.

We start with baby steps.

1. Identify the habits you want to change.

2. Don’t judge yourself.

Maybe you had already started your healing journey or the path of personal growth in the past, but don’t judge yourself for falling back into unhealthy habits. Embrace the phases of life and the lessons that can be found within them.

3. Think about what you would really like to do in your free time.

What would you truly love to do? These are the things where you lose track of time, where the chatter of your mind stops, and where you feel this pure joy arising from within you, where you are truly happy and in the flow. Maybe you just have forgotten. Then remember your childhood. When did you feel at your happiest? While being out in nature? While painting? While singing? While dancing? …? …?

Fill in the blanks with your favourite hobby.

4. Make a list of all the things or hobbies that bring you joy.

5. Select one thing of the list and integrate it into your week.

6. Select another thing of the list and integrate that into your week as well. And so on.

7. Take time to be present.

Be present with yourself, your thoughts and your emotions on a daily basis, even if it’s just for 5 minutes. Sit down. Breathe. Listen within. Learn to pause, to master your mind, and to observe your emotions and thoughts without getting tangled up in them. Be honest with yourself. How do you truly feel? Embracing vulnerability is an important thing to do and should be part of your self-care practices.

8. Embrace your healing journey with all its ups and downs.

Accept every moment as if you had chosen it. Surrender to what is.

9. Remember the things you would like to attract into your life.

What do you really want in life? Visualise your best life possible. Make a vision board, write your wishes down in your journal, practice affirmations, make a wish during a new moon meditation etc. And live like your wishes have been already fulfilled by embracing elevated emotions like gratitude, joy, love etc.

10. Have patience.

Watch how life unfolds before you in a different, more fulfilling way and how unhealthy habits slowly disappear. Because you feel more connected to your true self, you automatically establish healthy daily routines. When you feel good then there’s no need to run away from your emotions anymore and numb them by indulging in unhealthy habits.

The secret to life lies in the things you love. When you do things you love and enjoy, you raise your frequency. You start to vibrate on a higher level and due to the Law of Attraction you attract more of it into your life.

So go out and have fun!

Enjoy life and be happy!


Ines Kirste

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