The power of intuitive living

Over the past few years, I’ve started to establish an intuitive lifestyle. Why? Because I’d tried it out and felt a huge difference in my overall well-being.

To me, intuitive living means truly listening to my needs at all times, tapping into my inner knowing, and feeling which decision would be good or right for me.

Gradually the word “intuition” became one of my favourite words in life. There is so much power in this way of living. If you don’t ignore your intuition and follow its lead instead, miracles begin to happen. You feel connected. You flow with life, with the Universe, with everything.

The tendency to force things disappears. Every task begins to feel easy and fluent because you do it when it feels right. Don’t get me wrong, of course we have business or private appointments in our daily lives that we cannot simply ignore, miss or postpone.

But how often have you forced yourself to go to that power yoga class when your body really longed for a yin yoga class?

How many times have you had another glass of wine when your body gave you the signal that it already had enough?

How often did you stay up late just to watch the end of a show, even though you were already tired?

How often did you go out to meet friends when you actually felt you’d rather be at home alone and curl up on the couch with a good book?

How many times have you sat down at your computer after lunch to complete a task even though you knew it would have been better to complete it right away in the morning?

The reason why intuitive living feels so good is simple. Just by leading your life by your intuition, you become aware of your needs, show compassion and love towards yourself, accept every moment as it is, and are not afraid to act accordingly. Therefore, you will feel a difference on all levels. Your body, your mind, and your soul will rejoice.

Intuitive living is mindfulness and compassion or compassionate mindfulness.

To live intuitively means really listening to this gentle inner voice (not to be confused with the inner critic) at all times and in every aspect of my life: At what time do I want to get up in the morning? What and when do I want to eat? Which relaxation technique do I want to use? What kind of workout do I want to practice? Do I want to go out and meet people or do I want to stay at home and enjoy time alone? Where on my body do I want to place my hands during Reiki self-treatment? And at what time do I want to go to bed in the evening? You see, it goes on throughout the day. I constantly remind myself: What would truly serve me now?

Of course a daily, health-promoting routine is a must, but within my routine I act intuitively. This means, for example, that I don’t practice the same meditation day after day. No, I listen to my gut feeling which kind of meditation would suit me most in that moment: a gentle one that focuses only on my breath or a guided meditation by Dr Joe Dispenza which is more demanding. You get the idea, right?

What can YOU do to incorporate a more intuitive approach into your life?

Firstly, STOP making too many plans for your free time.

The key to a happy and intuitive life is ‘rough scheduling’ rather than firm plans. Intuition lies in the space between our thoughts and the demands of our hectic lives.

Secondly, hold space and TIME for yourself, where you are able to truly listen within, and give yourself PERMISSION to be intuitive.

Thirdly, ask yourself: How do I FEEL right now and what would really feel good? What do I truly want to do? Move my body or sit in peace and simply enjoy being? What do I want to eat or drink? How can I nourish my body, my mind, and my soul in this moment? This means making your Self a priority. Which decision feels good/right for you?

Fourthly, tap into your inner wisdom and TRUST the answers that are coming through. Make decisions from your HEART. Allow your intuition to express itself through you.

Meditation, journaling, time alone, and time in nature, all contribute to connecting with this gentle voice within. BEING STILL, being fully in our bodies and present with a moment of LOVE, appreciation, or gratitude heightens intuitive awareness.

The power of intuitive living is within your grasp. Take it.

You will feel a difference. I promise.


Ines Kirste

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