How to create heaven on earth

We now live in a time of transformation. More and more people realise that it is our choice whether to continue suffering or to be happy, to stay in a place of fear or to choose love, to think of humans as separate beings or to believe in oneness, to wear our masks or to break free and show our true self to the world. I’m part of this movement. I want to be free and express my authentic self. This would be Heaven on Earth. This is what excites me and keeps me going. That’s why I dedicate a lot of my time, effort and energy to understanding myself and the world. I want to gain greater awareness of what I need to do in order to grow.

But how can we find the way to personal freedom and enlightenment?

With LOVE! I know it sounds corny at first, but it’s the truth. By choosing love over fear we can get whole again and claim our personal power. We have to love. We have to love unconditionally. We have to love unconditionally every being here on Earth and, first of all, ourselves. And while I’m writing this my mind goes: “Oh well, self-love would be great, darling, BUT…” My inner critic is in its element.

For many years I have been lacking love and compassion for myself. In the past I didn’t appreciate my strengths and demonised my flaws. I was my own judge and a victim of my fear-based beliefs.

This reminds me of a book that is really important to me, “The four agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz. I stumbled across it in a small bookstore in the old town of Chiang Mai in the north of Thailand. I devoured that book. It deeply inspired me and I started integrating its wisdom into my spiritual practice. The four agreements are:

Be impeccable with your word

Don’t take anything personally

Don’t make assumptions

Always do your best

The path that is explained sounds logical and easy on paper. When you put it into practice, you realise that it needs a lot of practice and commitment. Every single day. But in the end you will be rewarded with Heaven on Earth:

“This way of life is possible, and it’s in your hands. Moses called it the Promised Land, Buddha called it Nirvana, Jesus called it Heaven, and the Toltecs call it a New Dream.”

Don Miguel Ruiz

After reading the book I realised that I already had intuitively started living by these four agreements when I had embarked on my spiritual journey. The first step towards personal freedom is AWARENESS. I developed the understanding that I had been a prisoner of my own and of other people’s judgements, and that I had been staying in the victim role. To realise that I am the creator of my life, of my reality, of my happiness and my suffering too, has set me free. But this was just the beginning.

The second step includes practising the four agreements to start the personal TRANSFORMATION. It implies to take responsibility for our own healing and self-improvement.

Being impeccable with my word means to speak my truth in every moment, to say “No” when I want to say “No” and “Yes” when I truly mean it. This is not easy because I don’t want to hurt others or be judged by them. But if I did things just to please others, I would go against myself and later on ending up judging or blaming myself for it. The freedom I am looking for is the freedom to be and express myself.

Being impeccable with my word also means to use the word in the correct way and share love. In order to do that, I have to make an inventory of my fear-based beliefs, of things that weigh me down. I need to replace every fear that makes me suffer with a new agreement that makes me happy like “I accept myself as I am” or “I am good enough”. The purpose is to release the fear of being rejected for who I am. This takes time. I have been conditioned by society for so many years. We all have been. It’s not only about stopping harming myself and others but also about forgiveness. I forgive my own and other people’s judgements. They, too, still carry their emotional wounds from the past. Reiki is helping me on my emotional healing journey (read my post about it here). And my self-care practices are an important key to respect this first agreement. The more self-love I have, the less self-abuse I will experience (read my post about my self-care tools here).

Not taking anything personally means that nothing other people do is because of me. It is because of themselves. Even if others insult me or get angry, it has nothing to do with me. Most of the people are not yet healed either. Many are not even aware of that.

The reward of this second agreement is that I can never be hurt by what others say or do, because I know my self-worth and my own truth, and I trust in that.

Don’t making assumptions is a difficult task for me. We live in a society where making assumptions about what others are doing or thinking, gossiping and spreading negativity – because we take something personally – are found in all areas of our lives. We see it as a normal behaviour, but it is not. The problem is that we don’t have the courage to ask. By respecting this third agreement I try to take always the shortcut and ask questions in order to strive for a clear communication. It’s not an easy one. I am aware of that, but I try. This leads me to the fourth agreement.

Always doing my best is putting the other three agreements into action so that they become deeply ingrained habits. If I do my best, over and over again, I’m able to transform my life. It’s about doing my best every day. When I fail, I don’t blame myself and start the next day again. There are no mistakes, only experiences I’m grateful for. That’s how I can grow and evolve. I’m a work in progress and I enjoy the spiritual path I’m on.

Every morning I set an intention for the day to continue my journey. Setting intentions is the third step to gain personal freedom. INTENT is life itself. It’s how life and the Universe work. The Universe is responding to intentions and actions. When I set an intention I only do it for that day, because we only live in the now, not in the past, nor in the future: Just for today I’m impeccable with my word, I don’t take anything personally, I don’t make any assumptions, and I do my best.

Imagine all of us would respect and live by these four agreements! Imagine!

We all have to wake up to the truth that happiness is a choice, and so is suffering:

“You have the power to create hell, and you have the power to create heaven.”

Don Miguel Ruiz

We all have a divine given right to create our life as we please.


Ines Kirste

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