I am here now

I AM HERE NOW. Have you read the sentence? Have you felt every single word in every cell in your body while reading it? Read again! I AM HERE NOW.

So simple, yet so powerful. It’s my go-to phrase when I catch myself thinking too much or running on autopilot. It helps me to quiet my mind and return to love, trust, and gratitude.

This short phrase contains so much meaning. It’s a beautiful reminder that not only brings me back to the present moment, but also emphasises how precious life is. I’m not here on Earth to waste my time. I’m able to walk the Earth NOW and I’m grateful for that. I AM alive.

I can have all these wonderful experiences that help me grow even if some of them seem to be negative ones. Suffering and facing obstacles are opportunities for growth. My soul is here to learn and to embrace life as it unfolds itself. I trust in life. I trust in the Divine Consciousness. I trust in God. I trust in the Universe. I am here now.

And all I have to do is be. JUST BE. Relax and breathe. My purpose reveals itself day by day, by being still and willing to listen to my intuition, the whispers of my soul, and to the divine guidance. No worries, no regrets. I’m not stressing about a goal I want to reach in the future.

Everything happens as it should and in divine timing. I’m not forcing anything. I trust. I try to be present, mindful, and walk with a WONDERful awareness through each day, through each moment. I go with the flow and follow my heart’s desires, my soul’s callings that light me up.

I tend to worry about the future. I want to keep myself busy, but instead, all I have to do is just be. Not resisting change or clinging to anything but accepting the present moment as it is. It’s about surrendering to the Universe and its natural flow. The Universe only exists in the now. And all I have to do is be. JUST BE.

In today’s time I could get easily distracted by what is going on in the world, all the negative stuff. I remind myself that I’m here for a reason. I come back to a place of love and shine my light. It creates a ripple effect of positivity. I remember LOVE and return to the LIGHT.

I AM HERE NOW. And so it is.


Ines Kirste

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