Reiki and my emotional healing process

I was a happy child – carefree, just enjoying the present moments, and satisfied with what I had – and then life happened. I collected emotional baggage and carried it around for many, many years. I had been neglecting my true self and the outer world was a reflection of that. My mind had been creating my own prison until I started to embrace my self and bring awareness to my inner world.

It took me years to realise that there had been nothing wrong with me in the first place. As a teenager and young adult I compared myself to others. I felt different and not good enough. My inner critic told me things like: “You should be more sociable. You should have more friends. You should be more outgoing.” Bla bla bla. But being an empath and introvert is not easy when it comes to dealing with people. So I had been denying myself and living against my true nature. My own thoughts and judgements were the root cause of my emotional pain. Furthermore, I kept attracting emotionally unavailable men into my life. These emotional issues were waiting to be dealt with. It was time to unpack my emotional baggage and to start my healing journey.

In the beginning, Yoga and meditation helped me to accept myself more, but some issues were on a deeper level and didn’t surface until Reiki came into my life. Through Reiki I was able to face my past, set myself free from my limiting beliefs, and heal my emotional wounds.

We are energy beings and every experience in our life leaves an energetic imprint on our body. A traumatic experience or like in my case repressed emotions can stop energy from flowing freely in the body and can manifest emotional blockages. Reiki as a method of subtle energy healing can release these energetic blocks and bring back the balance. But how did I heal my past?

I used the Reiki distant healing technique. I sat down and sent Reiki to myself in the past. Actually, it was not the past I was sending Reiki to. I have been healing the energetic imprint of the past in my today’s body. And it wasn’t only one session. It was a process and it still is.

In every session, I chose a different period of my life and just waited for repressed emotions, thoughts and memories to come up. Every time I just sat there and observed myself without any judgement, but with compassion and love. I gave my uncomfortable emotions space when they came from my shadow self into my consciousness. I acknowledged them and let them go.

Reiki is a gentle healing method. When I’m ready for further healing, the next issue will surface and I can heal that part of me too. But I’m not worried or scared because Reiki will always be there for me.


Ines Kirste


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