Reiki and the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine

The Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine

Our true essence

True, authentic connection with others requires a true, authentic connection with ourselves first.

Only then are we able to express our true essence and attract like-hearted people into our lives.

Do you know what your true essence is?

Our energy is made up of feminine and masculine energy. You may know this as yin and yang.

We all have both energies within us, regardless of gender. But it doesn’t have to be an equal 50-50 split. Every single one of us is unique and so is our energy.

Both energies must not only to be honoured but also embodied in their divine expression and not in their wounded one.

This is what is being asked of us. To recognise where we still think, feel and act from the wounded place within us.

Below you will find some examples.

The wounded masculine is:

+ Unstable

+ Controlling

+ Aggressive

+ Competitive

+ Manipulative

+ Dishonest

+ Selfish

+ Emotionally unavailable

The wounded feminine is:

+ Insecure

+ Needy

+ Inauthentic

+ Manipulative

+ Overly emotional

+ Co-dependent

+ Gossiping

+ Lacking boundaries

+ People pleasing

+ Powerless

The Divine Masculine is:

♡ Logical

♡ Stable

♡ Protective

♡ Present

♡ Giving

♡ Reliable

♡ Trustworthy

♡ Honest

♡ Integer

♡ Courageous

♡ Taking action

♡ Purpose-driven

♡ Grounded

♡ Focused

♡ Efficient

♡ Organised

♡ Heart-mind-integrated

The Divine Feminine is:

♡ Intuitive

♡ Highly spiritual

♡ Authentic

♡ Receptive

♡ Healing

♡ Nurturing

♡ Gentle

♡ Kind

♡ Loving

♡ Compassionate

♡ Empathetic

♡ Sensual

♡ Creative

♡ Inspiring

♡ Flowing

♡ Open

♡ Vulnerable

♡ Wise

♡ Patient

♡ Forgiving

♡ Powerful


that we all have both energies within us.

If we want to come together in sacred union, it’s important to tend to the wounded feminine and masculine energies that we still hold.

Especially women or people whose leading energy is the feminine, felt and still feel forced by society and the old paradigm to mimic the masculine, the wounded masculine.

Where are you embodying the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine?

And where are you still in the wounded expression?

Why Reiki?

Reiki can help you to:

♥ activate a natural self-healing process

♥ release energetic blockages

♥ heal the wounded feminine and masculine energies

♥ harmonise the divine feminine and masculine energies within you

♥ bring awareness to your true essence

Receiving Reiki recalibrates your body and brings energetic balance to your unique energetic signature.

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