Reiki for the first time

I clearly remember the first time I received Reiki. I had been in the middle of my yoga teacher training when a friend offered me a Reiki session. I had no idea about energy healing. I had heard of Reiki, but I didn’t know anyone who had actually experienced a session. I had always thought of myself as an open-minded person and so I replied: “Ok. Let’s do this.”

I had no expectations and was wondering if I would feel anything at all. Of course I knew about ‘life force energy’ due to the yoga teachings. But still, I thought that it was something spiritual junkies talked about. Definitely not me at that time. Anyway, I lay down and let Reiki happen. At first I couldn’t feel anything, but suddenly I could literally feel the energy flowing within my body, entering my body through my crown. I was thinking: “What the hell! It really works!” And then I surrendered to the situation and this wonderful experience.

I saw images like having a vision and emotions arose within me. The next thing I knew I burst into tears. I wept for a while and then a huge sense of calmness and relief washed over me. I felt so relaxed, light, and peaceful like in a deep meditative state. And a big smile appeared on my face. I didn’t know why I had been crying, but I knew I had released something that had blocked me from being truly happy. I knew intuitively that this was part of following the path of personal growth and that this was just the beginning. That day something had shifted. By having this profound experience, I could feel the connection to something bigger. I had been touched by grace.


Ines Kirste

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