To all the misfits out there

If you feel like a misfit or a black sheep, this post is for you.

Since I was little, I’ve always felt that I didn’t really fit into my family, my community, my city, and even my home country. Of course, I now know that my soul is from somewhere else in the Universe, and like many other starseeds, I’ve always had a longing for a home that’s not here on Earth. But anyway, this post is not about being a starseed, it’s about why we chose to be born into our families.

The misfits and black sheep are often the ones who hold the highest vibrational frequency in their family and community. They incarnated to heal a family pattern or ancestral wound. Once they are awake and aware of this mission, they choose to break these generational cycles so as not to pass these wounds on to the next generation. “It ends with me,” they say.

It’s a courageous thing to do, because it’s quite possible that the families won’t cheer them on or acknowledge the trauma caused by their behaviour. Only when they become aware of their own patterns, traumas and wounds will they understand one fundamental truth:

Hurt people hurt people.

When I heard Teal Swan say that we all grow up in dysfunctional families, it’s just a matter of where your family is on the scale of dysfunctionality, it resonated deeply with me.

When you’re not aware of your wounds and not tending to them, you pass them on to your children. And the majority of people don’t grow up in an enlightened household. Or do you know someone?

So here we are, with our childhood wounds, limiting beliefs and coping mechanisms that, honestly, no longer serve us if we want to step into our full potential. There is no shame in that. They serve a purpose.

At some point on our healing journey, we will remember that we have been whole and holy under these layers all along. Our eternal soul wants to learn something here on Earth. We are all here to grow and evolve.

It’s up to us to either stay in the victim role and blame others for our past or to roll up our sleeves and see what life has in store for us as we listen to the whispers of our soul and follow our calling.

This is part of my mission. I want to normalise self-healing and the fact that almost all of us grow up in dysfunctional families.

We ALL need healing.

I want to remind you that no one is to blame. Your parents, other family members, teachers, friends, partners, etc. did the best they could with the knowledge and level of awareness they had.

Many people are either unaware of their limiting beliefs and coping mechanisms they adapted as a child, or they don’t want to acknowledge their wounds and try to suppress their fears, guilt, shame, sadness, anger, regret etc. by repressing them into the dark corners of their being and sweeping them under the rug.

Most people pretend they are fine when they are not, because in today’s society we lack the ability to communicate openly and authentically. In our childhood, no one showed us heart-centred communication.

That’s why it’s so important that someone leads the way and lives by example. You never know who you will inspire along the way.

Therefore, I’d like to raise awareness of this topic of self-healing, so that personal growth and self-awareness become natural parts of our daily lives.

I want striving to reach our highest potential to become normal, tuning into our emotional state to become normal, feeling and regulating our emotions to become normal, reflecting and observing our thoughts, habits and behaviours to become normal, embracing vulnerability to become normal, truly seeing each other, supporting each other, and respecting each other’s truth to become normal. In this way, we can thrive as a community.

As awakened misfits, black sheep and scapegoats, we are here to lead the way. By being students of self-healing, we teach others as we live by example. We walk our talk. We embody what we have learned and can inspire others through it.

“We’re all just walking each other home.” Ram Dass

One thing will happen on your journey of self-healing and breaking generational patterns. Your frequency and consciousness will rise. You will shine brighter than ever before. You will hold more light in your body.

When you are a beacon of light in this world, you either inspire people to start their transformational journey as well or you trigger the hell out of them.

Because when you shine brightly, they feel uncomfortable around you. They don’t want someone shining light into their darkest corners. What will they do? They will point the finger at you and project their own stuff onto you. But know that even then you will plant a seed in them that will eventually begin to grow.

Be ok with being misunderstood and follow your path anyway.

Embrace your mission and help make the world a better place.

You were born to light up the world and now is your time.

It’s time to roll up your sleeves and get to work, lightworkers.

Ines Kirste

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