When creativity left me or how to come back into balance

My creativity wasn’t flowing for the past few weeks. I was walking through a desert coz a creative drought had hit me. No inspiration at all. Why? I don’t know.

I have been busy with starting my business here in Germany, administrative stuff, planning etc. At the same time, I have kept my spiritual practices going. But still, I wasn’t in the mood to write or do anything creative at all.

I suppose it was another lesson in surrendering – surrendering to what is – surrendering to the Universe, God, the higher consciousness, again and again. You can’t force anything.

It’s about accepting the present moment as if I had chosen it (Thank you Eckhart Tolle for reminding me of this once again).

It’s about embracing life as it unfolds before me with all its ups and downs and not losing myself in all the planning, doing or thinking.

Balance of body, mind, and soul means balance of doing, thinking AND being. Maybe I have been spending too much time with doing and thinking and not enough time with being, so that I wasn’t anchored enough to the present moment.

I could sense that I was out of balance and out of alignment with my soul. So I didn’t force myself to sit down and write. That’s not how it works for me. Instead, I took some time out from the busyness of life and of my mind and asked myself: What would truly nurture my body, mind, and soul right now? What would bring me peace and back into balance?

I trust my inner guidance. I could hear my soul calling that I should spend more time alone without talking or doing, just in solitude and stillness. I was in need of time just to myself and had the urge to retreat from the world to find stillness within in order to restore my Self. Of course that’s not always possible for a longer time, but for short periods, day by day.

I realised that I was longing for more time in meditation, that I wanted to immerse myself in longer Reiki self-treatments, and put my bare feet on the ground to feel the earth beneath me. In other words, my true self was longing for Being, to just be and enjoy being.

My meditation practice changed a bit. I tried something different, guided meditations led by Deepak Chopra, to stimulate myself and spice it up a bit. Furthermore, I listened once more to the beautiful teachings of Eckhart Tolle while spending time in nature.

When I give myself time to just be, inspiration comes.

When I find stillness within, creativity emerges.

When I feel connected, creative ideas flourish.

Otherwise there’s only desert. Nothing flows. To come back into the flow, I have to master my mind. When my mind is quiet I can sense my true self behind, my true essence – pure consciousness.

Creativity makes me feel alive. I can express myself through it. I have missed it for the past few weeks, but I have accepted it and listened to my needs.

Our evolving and growing never stop. Life in itself is a continuous process of learning. That’s what I love about life. When we are open and willing, we can learn beautiful lessons.

When we are aware that we are out of balance, then we have taken the first step already, maybe the most important one, because then we can act on it.

If you are struggling right now and something feels off in your life, spend some time in solitude and stillness and listen to the whispers of your soul.

Act from a place of love and compassion towards yourself. Be patient and try out different things, so that you can find what works best for you to bring balance back into your life and to anchor yourself to the present moment.

You could try different meditation techniques, breathing exercises, mindfulness practices, yoga types or energy healing methods or whatever comes to your mind, resonates with you or you feel drawn to because your soul knows best.

Be grateful for the lessons that await you and know that life is not only a continuous process of learning but also of coming back into balance, in every moment, again and again. Take care of yourself and don’t forget to laugh and love.

Ines Kirste

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