Why are we here?

I started to ask myself that question quite early in life but I was too scared to share my thoughts on this topic with the world sensing already that my point of view was a bit different to the society’s view on that.

When I walk around the city these days I see many unhappy people, empty shells, disconnected from their inner light. It makes me sad, because life is not about losing ourselves in all the doing, working all the time, and exhausting ourselves just to be able to pay our bills.

But there’s hope. More and more people are waking up, starting to question their way of living, asking for the meaning of life and their purpose in it.

Why are we here?

We are here to discover and realise who we really are at the core of our being, underneath all that layers of false limiting beliefs and thought patterns of our conditioned mind.

The purpose of our existence is to live a fulfilled and meaningful life that is aligned with our soul and true nature. But in order to do so, we first have to remember who we really are. By that I don’t mean the mental image we have of ourselves. I mean our true essence and inner truth.

Life is about self-realisation and connecting with the Divine, the Divine Consciousness.

Self-realisation is the knowledge and embodiment of our true nature, aka higher self or spirit, beyond the ego. It’s not about becoming someone, some perfect version of ourselves. It’s about becoming our most authentic self.

It means to realise, appreciate and embrace our gifts, strengths and passions as well as our flaws and weaknesses. Unconditional self-love integrates all parts of us. When we love ourselves, we are fuelled by a deep understanding of ourselves.

When we take the route to self-realisation we also start to walk the path of personal growth. This involves healing our past wounds, learning our lessons, and evolving and growing as a human and soul. It’s a gradual process of unfolding, not one great big moment.

When we are awake, we are conscious and, therefore, are able to make conscious decisions that fuel personal growth.

We try, we fail, we learn, we try again, and we learn more.

We explore, discover, and understand our selves.

That’s how we grow, develop deep love and compassion for ourselves, and transform into the most authentic version of ourselves.

We return to love, joy, peace, compassion, and kindness.

We learn the art of letting go and trusting in life.

Self-realisation is not an easy task. While healing our past wounds, we face our own shadows, fears, limiting beliefs and everything that is no longer serving us and is holding us back.

A healing and cleansing process on all levels is needed in order to step into our full power, to raise our level of consciousness, to embody our soul’s purpose, to connect with our inner light, and to recognise ourselves as one and the same as the Divine.

It is work, but it is a rewarding work. This path is worth every bit of our time, effort, sincerity, and dedication.

When we don’t shy away from that task, we are able to create the life we desire and deserve. This brings purpose not only to our life but to the life of others too. We create a meaningful life worth living, a life in harmony with ourselves and all beings.

When we remember our divine nature, we are at peace, because we can feel that we are not only connected with our true self but with life and the Divine itself. By tapping into our inner world, our divine self, we experience oneness.

Our task in life is to realise who we truly are and to recognise our connection with the Divine.

The important thing is not HOW we connect with the Divine, it is important THAT we connect with it.


Why are YOU here?


Ines Kirste

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