Why do highly sensitive people like Reiki so much?

When I started my own Reiki business here in Germany, I wasn’t sure what kind of people would come to my practice. Men or women, people who are sick or people who come for wellness reasons, young people or the elderly? I had no idea.

I soon began to see a pattern.

From the beginning, the majority of my students and clients were highly sensitive people (HSP).

I’m highly sensitive myself. When I thought about it, it was actually no surprise that I attracted people with this trait into my life.

Still, I wondered why highly sensitive people like Reiki so much. And I realised that it was the same reason why Reiki had come into my life. Reiki has found and saved me because it helped me and helps me every day anew to deal with the challenging side of high sensitivity.

Until then, I had been struggling in life, often overwhelmed, looking for a retreat to recharge my batteries, beating myself up that I couldn’t cope with this world, this society, and thinking that something was wrong with me and that I should change.

Reiki helped me realise that I am more than this physical body and these judgemental thoughts. It opened up a whole new world for me, a new understanding of life.

By receiving Reiki, this wonderful high vibrational energy, I began to feel my energy body, to truly feel it. My awareness of my own well-being increased. I began to notice sooner when I was out of balance or low on energy.

With Reiki self-treatments I can pause and recharge whenever I want to. Reiki became my sanctuary, my number one self-care tool. I know I’m repeating myself, but I cannot emphasise enough how important it is to receive Reiki and what a positive effect it has on your overall health.

As an HSP you feel and absorb other people’s emotions, moods and pain, perceive everything in your environment strongly and become immensely drained. Retreating, energetically cleansing, recharging and protecting yourself is crucial to enjoy all the gifts that high sensitivity brings you.

With Reiki you can take a break from over-stimulation and retreat from the world for a while.

With Reiki you can not only pause, relax and recharge, but also cleanse and protect your energy. Your whole body comes back into balance and in this balanced and relaxed state a natural self-healing process can be activated.

When you centre yourself, you can connect and align with your inner self. You will be empowered to heal on all levels and do the inner work. You can heal old wounds by releasing stuck emotions and becoming aware of unhealthy habits, behaviours, thought patterns, and limiting beliefs.

A more peaceful life awaits you.

Not only can you let your light shine brightly, but also embody your soul’s purpose, the reason why you came here. You can lead a more joyful and fulfilling life.

More people, especially HSPs, should know about the benefits of receiving this wonderful life force energy. I am an ambassador for Reiki.

So when Reiki calls you, take the call and follow it.

This will blow your mind and your life will change, for the better, forever.

Ines Kirste

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